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Our Mission

The Infinity symbol holds a deep meaning of spirituality, Love, beauty and power. In a world filled with distractions and complications, the Infinity symbols represent a sense of simplicity and balance.

It reminds us to be who we are and the endless possibilities we have before us.

Infinity Global Inc. seeks to fulfill the ongoing demands of quality consumer products through the channels of distribution and timely delivery in order to meet the customer’s request for quality products.

We accomplish this through advance knowledge and research in order for us to present a fair market value and affordable pricing. We continue to evolve through the highest levels of honesty and integrity, with the identical passion and intense desire, we have for the financial stability and and growth of all of customers business whom we serve.


Distribution of

Business supplies

About US

Infinity Global Inc. is a global Distribution and Consumer consulting Company with over Twenty Five years of Sales experience. We focus on domestic and international sales and distribution of consumer goods which includes sporting goods, furniture, chemicals supplies, Construction materials, custom windows and doors, office supplies, fashion, electronics, technology and automotive. We are constantly adding to our portfolio therefore don't hesitate to call us or email if you have a need for a certain kind of product. If we can't locate one else can.

Bulk Chemicals
Bulk Chemicals

Hand Sanitizer, Cleaning Supplies, Dispensing Systems, and much much more.

Apparel  & Accessories
Apparel & Accessories

Sporting Apparel, International Jerseys, NBA, NFL & MLB Jerseys and Accessories, Sporting Accessories and more.

Food & Beverages Distribution
Food & Beverages Distribution

Sports Drinks, Energy Drinks, Candy, Chips, and everything else that you need to help stock your store.

Industrial Supplies
Industrial Supplies

Paper Towels, Toilet Paper, Soaps and Sanitizers, Cabinets, Industrial Heaters and Air Conditioners & more!





What ever your Business needs are give us a call, or email us if we can't locate it...

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